How to Do Nighthawk Router Firmware Update – 5 Easy Steps

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In networking and computing, firmware is a kind of software present on a hardware device. The purpose of this software is to instruct the device to carry out various operations. Since the Netgear Nighthawk router is also a networking gadget, it houses firmware. If you want the router’s performance to be top-notch, then we suggest you install the latest firmware version after completing the Nighthawk router setup. But, is it necessary to do the Nighthawk router firmware update to improve outputs when it can be achieved via proper router placement and hardwired connections? The next section is all about that.

Is it Important to Do Nighthawk Router Update?

The straightforward answer to the question is yes. The following is the list of points explaining why you should do the Nighthawk router firmware update:

  1. Firmware updates fix bugs and errors affecting the Nighthawk router’s efficiency.
  1. When you install the latest firmware, you add new security standards to the router.
  1. Installing the latest firmware on the router reduces delay in the execution of instructions.
  1. If you keep your router upgraded, it will stay in competition with the newly introduced devices having the latest technologies.
  1. Updating the router’s firmware regularly helps in keeping various networking issues at bay.

Steps to Do Nighthawk Router Firmware Update

The previous section revealed the benefits of installing the latest firmware on the router. In this very part of the article, you will become acquainted with the 5 steps that are essential to follow to get the router’s firmware updated.

1. Connect Router to Modem

To update the firmware, you must connect your WiFi router to the modem first. We suggest you opt for a wired connection to avoid internet-related issues. But, keep in mind not to put a damaged cable to use. The reason being it won’t be of any good. On contrary, it will distort the signal communication between your Netgear router and modem. Plus, be very sure that the connection between your devices is strong [finger-tight].

2. Download the Firmware File

Now, it is time to rope in a web browser for the Nighthawk router firmware update process. Therefore, select one that is updated and is flaunting the latest version of the software. After choosing an appropriate web browser, download the latest firmware file for your router. The file can be downloaded via the Netgear download center. And yes, download the firmware file as per the model number of your wireless router only. Once done, save it at an easily accessible location on your PC.

3. Visit

After saving the router’s firmware update file, get back to the web browser and open a new tab. Move to the URL field and insert You can also make use of or After entering the URL, press Enter. You will see the login page of your wireless router. Note that the web address entrée into the browser’s search bar is strictly prohibited.

4. Log in to the Router

On the login page, you ought to input the admin password and username of your wireless router. If you are still using the default ones, check the user manual of the router to know about their values. Just in case, you modified them during the router setup process, consider using updated ones. But, do not commit typing errors. It is because; the WiFi router administration details are case-sensitive.

5. Upload the Firmware File

As soon as you log in to the router, the Netgear router Status page will appear. There, locate the Advanced tab and click it. Select Firmware Update and click the Browse button when the window shifts. Find the firmware file you downloaded in the 2nd step. Once found, select it and click Upload. Now, all you have to do is wait for a few moments and let your router reboot indicating that the firmware has been updated.

This is how you can update the router’s firmware by accessing its web GUI. In case you want to use the Nighthawk router app for the same, the steps will remain the same. However, avoid using the outdated version of the app. And the best part of doing a Nighthawk router firmware update via mobile app is that you do not need to download the firmware file separately. The app detects the firmware update for the router and prompts you to follow on-screen instructions on availability.

The Conclusion

As we can see, there are a lot of benefits to keeping the router’s firmware updated. We hope that you will carry out the Nighthawk router firmware update process with the help of the aforesaid instructions and gift new features to your router so that it can serve you better.

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