Marketing Team vs Agency: Advantages and Disadvantages

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You have probably asked this question more times than once: Which will be most beneficial to my company, having a marketing team or hiring an agency?

The possibility of creating your work team is more feasible if you’re part of a large business. Both options are possible depending on your objectives and your budget.

It is important to understand that you can either outsource or work in-house. However, you must create a marketing strategy that covers online and offline and includes the sales department.

Create a Marketing Teams for Your Company: Advantages & Disadvantages

If we create an internal group to work with our company, these benefits will apply. But first who is a marketing manager in a company?

  • Your team will consider you their only client, so your dedication will be 100%.
  • An employee team can be agile and quick to infuse the company’s values, mission, and vision.
  • Perhaps your company has enough talent that you don’t need to hire more.
  • There may be constant communication between the marketing and sales departments.
  • The marketing department will be more in control of the results.
  • Your team must show high commitment.

Disadvantages of Internal Marketing Team?

It may not be possible for all companies, as we mentioned in the beginning. The following are some cons to working in-house together with a marketing team:

  • Even if there are qualified employees in your company, you will need to hire additional personnel. This is both economic as well as in terms of people management.
  • The more employees, the more space and equipment are available for everyone in the company. 
  • It is essential that the team be multi-disciplinary and have high capacity. It will be impossible to delegate all of the marketing needs to one or two people.
  • Boring work for the same client can lead to boredom. It is important to motivate staff often.
  • If things aren’t working, there is no way to stop. Performance problems will lead to the need to fire the employees, along with all the associated costs.
  • It is easier to forget the trends and pace of the sector when you work in the same environment as your colleagues and ignore the activities of your competitors.

We now have a clear understanding of the benefits and drawbacks of having an internal team within a company. Let’s discuss the positive and negative aspects of hiring a marketing agency.

Advantages of Hiring a Marketing Agency

  • The cost to hire an agency outside the company will be lower than keeping a team in-house.
  • The agency can cancel the contract at any time if it fails to meet the set objectives and prospects.
  • The agencies usually have different staff to offer a solution that is as customized as possible to each client’s needs. The agency may offer another profile if a profile is not suitable.
  • The agency will continue to provide service even during holidays.
  • All the work is done by the agencies, from the simplest to the most complicated.
  • They are up-to-date on all developments and news in the sector.

Disadvantages of Hiring a Marketing Agency

  • Delivery times can be delayed if you are not the only customer.
  • Agents may need to take the time to learn all about your company. You will also need to give information about your company to allow the agency to consult it frequently. It will take some time if you don’t have the information organized or created.
  • The agency’s work is not under its control.
  • There is little to no relationship with the sales team.

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What does this all sound like to you? You will be able to see the benefits and drawbacks of each option, which will give you a better idea about which one is best for you.

Let me offer one final piece of advice. The best option will depend upon the worth of the people in the agency or internal team.

These people will be the best choice to manage your company’s marketing. Contact us if you are looking for a passionate and skillful marketing agency.

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